RENOVATED SOUNDS seeks to give overlooked and underappreciated vintage era music a second chance through exposure in film, television, and advertisements. Our goal is to put money in the pockets of artists, generate perpetual royalty streams, and introduce rare and remarkable music to a new generation of ears.

We feature thousands of songs in projects like The Good Place, Better Call Saul, This Is Us, Shazam, Empire, Shameless, The Resident, Good Morning America, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and with brands including Coach, Adidas, Amazon, Head and Shoulders, and BMW.

This is an opportunity to sell your master recordings and publishing for upfront payment, to earn perpetual performance royalties, and breathe new life into your work through features in entertainment's biggest projects.

Learn more about what a partnership with RENOVATED SOUNDS could mean for your musical legacy by continuing to our ‘Submit Your Music' tab below and submitting your music today.